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Dedicated to fostering a vibrant community

The Burnaby North Road Business Improvement Association (BNRBIA) is a proactive group of property owners and business owners who have worked steadily from inception of the association to create growth and support prosperity of our members by increasing the customer base of the area. 

We also work with our strategic partners to address concerns and ambitions of our members in a wide range of issues primarily with regard to future directions of our area, including regulations, mobility and safety. Our long term vision, working with our members and strategic partners, is to be a well-integrated part of one of four significant urban centres of Burnaby. 


Our Mission

Our mission is by 2026 to attain the following key results:

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we will have a comprehensive marketing plan that targets growing audiences, by integrating our branding and outreach strategies which will result in an increased customer base for our members.

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Safety and Security

we will continue to work with policing groups, like the Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC) and our privately contracted security, to have among the highest level of safety and security of Burnaby’s neighbourhoods.

Member Relations

our BIA will be known for having highly effective and open communication with all members and strategic partners.

Public Realm

our transportation infrastructure will continue to be safe and provide ready access to our members’ businesses; our area attractiveness will continue to be enhanced through beautification, art and design.

BIA Area

our success in marketing and area attractiveness will be enhanced through a strengthened connection to the North Road businesses on the Coquitlam side.

Organization Excellence

our efforts with governance and organization systems and practices will continue to improve to support our work for our members.

Special Events & Promotions

Korean Community Days

Partnered with ALS Property Management and Korea Town Centre Mall for 6 years with Plaza I, Winson Estates joining in the last two years.

Easter Event

Started off as a roving egg delivery event, going store to store throughout the area. Now an event with two malls at the north end of the road, North Gate Village and North Road Centre Mall, which sends participants on a Treasure hunt. 9 years running.

Party for your Mama

Mother’s Day event at North Gate and North Road Square malls. 9 years running.


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Work Hours

321-4501 North Rd, Burnaby V3N 4R7

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