About Us

A vibrant and diverse community of the Burnaby North Road

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Who We Are

The North Road BIA is a dynamic society dedicated to fostering growth and safety in the Burnaby North Road Business Improvement Area. We actively engage in studies and initiatives aimed at enhancing our community. Our collaborative approach allows us to work effectively with various individuals, groups, and associations on projects that bring benefits to our area. We strive to address the needs and interests of property and business owners, creating a thriving, inclusive environment.

Our Journey and Future Path

Our story began over a decade ago, when we started organizing special events and promotions such as the Korean Community Days and the annual Easter Event. These have since become beloved traditions in our community, fostering a sense of unity and promoting local businesses. We've cultivated strategic partnerships that have played a crucial role in our community's development.

Our vision builds on this rich history. Our strategic plan is to maintain and expand our involvement and awareness, effectively communicating with all our members. Our future is integrated, safe, inviting, and accessible — with movement into and within our area facilitated by walking, cycling, transit, and automobiles.


Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a vibrant community in Burnaby North Road.

Our Community

Home to Canada highest concentration of Korean business, our area offers a rich cultural experience.

Our Achievements

Over the past decade, we've hosted special events and promotions such as the Korean Community days and the Ester Event, bringing our community together.

Our Goals

We aim to maintain and build upon involvement and awareness through effective communication with all our members. We also strive to enhance our public realm through beautification, art, and design.

Join Us

We are proud to be home to the premier Korean shopping centre and a thriving “Persian Quarter”. We believe that promoting these unique assets will attract more shoppers and residents to the area. We also strive to ensure the highest levels of safety and security for our members and the public, working closely with the Community Policing Advisory Committee and other local authorities.
Be part of our journey as we continue to make Burnaby North Road a thriving, inclusive place to eat, work, live and play!

Board & Staff

we are privileged to have a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to enhance the success and vibrancy of our local business community.



Paul Choi


Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee

Secretary Director

Young Kim

Young Kim

Treasurer Director



June Park

Executive Director


Chris Shin

Administrative Coordinator